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Not only have yields declined on nominal US bonds but TIPs yields have hit all time record lows.  Five year TIPS now yields minus 0.84% (-0.84%) and the ten year TIPS yields zero.   That means the real rate of return on a 10 year AA+ rate security, with no inflation risk, is zero.  For taxable investors the real return is, of course, negative.

That said, the distortions continue to abound with the yield of AAA munis exceeding US Treasuries on all maturities up to 20 years.   When I compute the AAA / AA+ after tax yield curve munis come out ahead in all time buckets.

In my previous post I wrote that we will use EVs like we use cell phones.   After driving our cool EV in the day, we’ll plug it in at night and charge it up for the next day.   Put yourself in the EV seat and this seems a workable scenario.    I really don’t see how I would use public charging very much or, frankly, ever change out a battery.

Apparently other players are coming to the same conclusion.   On Feb 24, the WSJ reported that GE, Siemens, and Eaton all believe that EV owners will soon be buying chargers for their homes.    GE says it is planning to sell it’s home charger for about $1,000 which will help EV economics.  I my previous analyses I’ve assumed an installed cost of  $2,000 and I may now be able to lower this a bit.  With low cost nighttime electricity and higher gasoline costs EVs are looking a little better.

What isn’t looking better is public EV charging stations.  Apparently NRG Energy Inc. is planning to spend $10 million to install 100 chargers in Houston by 2011.  Let see, that’s $100,000 per charging station?   If they announce any more of these programs sell NRG Energy  [NRG].