CNN Republican debated, 10/18/2011

“We’ve all taken some big hits, but this is America.  With more energy from coal, the fuel that supplies over 1/2 of our energy affordably, we’ll keep energy costs in check, jobs in America, and together we will power the next great comeback!”  – American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

Now, in December of 2012,  you would think they were talking about shale gas.

Environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. one liners at “greenwise Sacramento”, 11/19/2010 aimed at the anti-clean energy forces:

  • trogledytes on Capital Hill
  • sock puppets of polluters
  • toadies on Fox Radio
  • treating the planet like a liquidation
  • phony think tanks on Capital Hill
  • monopolistic kleptocracy
  • biostitues who will say anything
  • carbon cronies
  • dirty fuels from hell !
  • green clean energy from heaven !

I was on my feet, pumping my fist and looking for a demonstration.  Very entertaining if nothing else.